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The Watches of President Obama

March 21, 2013 Leave a comment

President Obama has gained a lot of recognition for his charisma and style.  He has also become a favorite to observe by watch collectors everywhere.  They have studied magazines and photographs to find out about the watches of President Obama.  The Jorg Gray 6500 and the TAG-Heuer are his watches of choice.

The President’s Men

The Jorg Gray 6500 Chronograph is an exceptional watch and the fact that it has been seen on the arm of President Barack Obama makes it a commemorative watch as well.  This watch is a favorite of our 44th President as he has worn it to his Berlin campaign speech, the Inaugural Ball, the presidential debates, and the election victory speech.  Bought for him by the secret service agents protecting him while on the campaign trail; the watch has a sentimental value to the President.

The TAG-Heuer was worn by President Obama in the early years.  The exact model of the watch is the series 1500 two tone diver.  In 1991, this model became a part of the TAG-Heuer 1500 series and has been worn by the President for over 10 years.  This watch represents the casual side of Mr. Obama as it was worn as a part of his daily accessories.  Two great watches, one great man.