Posts Tagged ‘greattiming’ Featured in Comstock’s Magazine July 2011 and owners Caroline Liss and Dana Porter are featured in the July 2011 issue of Comstock Magazine.  Comstock Magazine highlights businesses in the Sacramento California area.  The article gives interesting insight into the history of going all the way back to when the business was run out of Caroline & Dana’s garage 🙂  Thank you to Comstock Magazine, Linda DuBois and Ken James.

Feature: July 2011

Selling Time

An Internet business outgrows a garage and moves to Elk Grove
Story by Linda DuBois | Photo by Ken James

There’s a married couple in Elk Grove who would be happy to give you the time of day. They’d be even happier to sell it to you.

Dana Porter and Caroline Liss are the owners of Great Timing Inc., an authorized online wristwatch dealer of more than 85 brands at prices ranging from about $20 to thousands.

They’ve heard the rumor that watches are becoming obsolete as clocks can be found on cell phones, mp3 players and other portable devices. Indeed, in about 2006, news reports abounded about declining wristwatch sales among America’s teens and young adults, who view them as unnecessary.

But even if people don’t need watches to tell time, sales figures suggest they still want them for other reasons. According to the Watch Dealers Network, a partner of The International Watch and Jewelry Guild, the watch industry has seen an increase in revenue of 300 percent since 2001, in part due to high-end sales of limited editions to collectors. The 2007 Economic Census showed that California had 2,173 watch shops with $579.74 million in sales, but those figures were collected before the recession hit. Great Timing sold roughly 10,000 watches last year, about 25 percent during Christmas season.

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