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Review of the Rip Curl Detroit Stainless Men’s Watch

Rip Curl Detroit
Haven’t done a review in quite some time, and for that I apologize.

But I’ve got one for you guys today. And it’s a lovely little watch.

The Rip Curl Detroit is a very dapper watch at first glance. This particular model is the Rip Curl Detroit in Stainless Steel. The Rip Curl Detroit Stainless Men’s Watch is a top of the line sport’s watch, and looks absolutely amazing as a dress watch. It is sure to impress with it’s sleek design, and the stainless steel case complements the black of the dial perfectly. Now, I usually prefer an all black watch and I rarely like the look of stainless watches, but in this particular case I think Rip Curl hit the nail right on the head. I actually prefer the looks of the stainless steel model to the looks of the black version of this watch.

Rip Curl is famous for their brand of watches that is geared primarily towards surfers and outdoors enthusiasts. But their other watches don’t typically capture the hearts and minds of other demographics.  That is not to say that these watches aren’t quality, that they don’t look good, or anything like that. Quite the opposite. I happen to be a pretty rabid Rip Curl fan, But the watches that are outside of their surf line (i.e the Tidemaster) just don’t typically find a wide enough audience. Most people who hear of Rip Curl are attracted to the brand because of the whole water sports, surfer dude persona. They might happen across other products because of this and then buy them. And I think that Rip Curl knows this, and is trying desperately to change it. Not that they resent the surfing aspect of their brand or that they are ungrateful for their largest customer base, but I just think they are thinking bigger and trying to expand their horizons by introducing different types of people to their brand and by making their brand desirable to a wider demographic.

Hence the many newer watches like the Axis, Driver, and Detroit line that Rip Curl has recently unveiled. I think the Detroit Stainless is a perfect example of my point earlier regarding Rip Curl and their efforts of widening their customer base. These new watches stray away from the bright and loud color schemes of their surf watches, and stick to either black or metal tones, and use metal in their watches rather than plastic. They typically have a link style band as well rather than leather or plastic ones. I like this change, and I think it is working for Rip Curl. The Detroit Stainless is a great example of the transition to more casual and even dress watches.

The Rip Curl Detroit in Stainless features a 316L Stainless Steel Case and bracelet which is very solid. 316L is the absolute best steel for water resistance, and is the standard for rip curl. I don’t normally care for link style steel bracelets as I think they are uncomfortable, but this one isn’t too bad. I haven’t swapped it for a leather or plastic one because it would take every ounce of appeal and style out of this watch. The black dial is accented perfectly by the stainless steel case, which is a 50mm but is surprisingly not too big and clunky on my wrist even though that is a large case size. It also features a jeweled movement which is reliable. The watch comes in many different styles, but the Detroit Steel edition only comes with two other colorations as far as the dial goes; those being a blue or brushed steel variety if black isn’t your thing. It is of course water resistant up to 100 meters or 330 feet, and is a great watch retailing for around 250 bucks, although you can find it for less online.

Overall, I would give this watch a solid 4 out of 5. I deduct points for the random movement on this watch. I cannot figure out where it came from or ho made it. When a company omits details like this on a product I can only assume that it is something that they aren’t proud of, otherwise they would be using it as a selling point. It’s really not at all bad, I just think they should at least tell you what it is or who made it, and make that information readily available.

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