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Rip Curl Pipeline Review

Welcome to the GreatTiming Watches blog! Recently we had the opportunity to review the Rip Curl Pipeline. Read on to learn all about it!

Appearance: Normally silver and black watches tend to look plain or cheaply made, but this watch looks exceptional. This is because most watches that use the black and silver color scheme are trying to imitate the look of real sterling silver simply by using metallic paint. Because Rip Curl decided to use a flat, matte silver finish rather than metallic silver paint, it avoids that cheap watch look, and instead looks much more natural while still looking sleek. The watch has a black silicone band which accents the silver watch face nicely. Leather tends to be the preferred band material for many. Since this is a surf watch that is intended to get wet, a leather band would not be ideal. Many watches intended for water sports use polyurethane to make their watch bands, mostly because it is cheaper than silicone. Silicone is superior to polyurethane due to its increased color retention and comfort level. This was a great choice by Rip Curl, because when wearing a watch for long periods of time, they can become very uncomfortable very quickly. Especially when wet.

In overall appearance, the Rip Curl Pipeline looks better than other competitive models, some of which have been compared to toys from of one of those coin operated machines that you might see at the mall or when leaving the grocery store. It appears as a good dive watch should: Rugged, durable, solid, but yet still stylish, and attractive to the eye. The band comes in a myriad of colors for you to choose from such as Black, Red, Blue, White, or Yellow.  So there is quite a variety of different looks from which you can select your favorite. The watch is definitely up to par with the other fantastic watches in the Rip Curl Tidemaster line.

Rip Curl Pipeline

The watch is certainly not lacking in the technology department either. It is loaded with all of the innovative and great features that you might expect from some of the more expensive models in Rip Curl’s arsenal. The casing material, as most of the other watches in the Tidemaster series by Rip Curl, is 316L Stainless Steel. This is the best type of steel available for making a watch water-resistant as well as corrosion resistant. It of course comes loaded with all of the technological features of the other Tidemaster watches, like Rip Curl’s patented ATS or Automatic Tide System. The ATS allows the watch to be programmed for thousands of beaches worldwide, and provides an accurate tide chart right on your wrist to ensure that you can be surfing at the best possible times. It also has pre-programmed sunrise and sunset times, moon phases, a digital compass, stopwatch, dual time setting, a light, alarm, and countdown timer to round it all out. That’s more tools than a Swiss Army knife. As most other diving/surfing watches by Rip Curl, it is depth tested to 200 meters (656 feet) which is quite deep. So divers rejoice! This watch would be a good choice for you due to its incredible water resistance.

At around $250.00 USD, this watch is an exceptional buy, especially considering the amount of features that come loaded onto it. It has most of the features that would be found on some of the $600.00 USD Tidemasters from Rip Curl.

If you are in need of a dive watch that comes loaded with many great features and has good aesthetic appeal, you need not look any further than the Rip Curl Pipeline.

Stay tuned for more great watch reviews from the crew here at GreatTiming.

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